What kind of connection methods does the container lock have?

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What kind of connection methods does the container lock have?
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There are many ways to connect the container lock and the car body. Some are directly welded on the car body, and the lock head can only be rotated but cannot move longitudinally. This is called a fixed type; Not only can it be rotated but also can be longitudinally elastic. When not in use, the lock head can be lowered below the bearing surface to apply to different standard box types. This is called a lift type; It can be moved, so that the fastening position can be adjusted, and then the utilization rate of the vehicle can be greatly improved; there is also a penetrating turn lock, the lock shaft extends into the fixed part of the box like a bolt, usually with other types of Cooperative use of twist locks.
When the container is hoisted onto the vehicle bearing surface, make the corner hole at the bottom of the container just fall in the direction of the equipment lock, and by rotating the handle of the turn lock, the lock head will be fixed at a regular angle (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees). ) to keep the twist lock in a locked state. For the lift-type twist lock, push the handle longitudinally to lift the lock head, extend into the inner cavity of the bottom corner piece of the container, and then rotate to a regular point of view to lock the corner of the container. Some twist locks are equipped with a tightening device. By tightening, the lock head can press down on the bottom surface of the inner cavity of the corner piece to prevent the corner of the box from lifting, so as to ensure that the locking is more secure and reliable.
With the continuous improvement of modern manufacturing skills, the manufacturing process of container locks has become more and more perfect. The company strictly controls key links such as raw material acquisition, production management, and product inspection to ensure product quality. The main features of the product are: convenient and sensitive operation, high safety and reliability, and long service life. After the surface treatment of the product, the surface of the parts has high corrosion resistance, damp heat resistance, salt spray resistance and other characteristics, which can meet the application conditions in coastal areas and humid and hot climates. In addition to looking at the appearance, the product should pay more attention to the internal quality. The internal quality control of the turn lock is extremely strict. The physical and chemical performance tests of the parts and materials must meet the relevant standards, and the lock shaft must pass the strict tensile test requirements.
In recent years, container truck slip-off accidents have occurred from time to time, and some even caused casualties. Mostly because some drivers try to save effort, there is no handle on the rollover lock, and the twist lock fixing device is useless.
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