Four major trends of China's auto parts

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Four major trends of China's auto parts
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In recent years, the product sales revenue of vehicle companies has increased by an average of 28.75% per year, while the product sales revenue of auto parts companies has increased by an average of 36.82% per year, which is higher than the industry average. The rise of the total index outlines the continuous expansion of the scale of my country's parts and components industry. As the support for the development of China's auto industry, my country's auto parts industry is showing four major trends.
    Industrial clusters take shape
    At the end of 2009, with Liuzhou as the leader, the Guangxi auto parts industry cluster radiating Guilin, Nanning and Yulin was officially launched. This industrial cluster takes the development of new and new energy vehicles and engines as a breakthrough point, cultivates its own brands, and jointly breaks through the technical bottleneck of industrial development to form new competitive advantages. With the rapid rise of auto parts industrial bases such as Changchun in Jilin, Shiyan in Hubei, Wuhu in Anhui, Huadu in Guangdong, and Bohai Economic Circle in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, my country has basically formed the Northeast, Beijing-Tianjin, Central China, Southwest, Yangtze River Delta, The concentrated area of ​​six major parts and components such as the Pearl River Delta.
    In addition to the internal support of large automobile groups, the development of domestic parts industry clusters is mainly manifested in three forms: the first is to rely on the development of the parts industry around OEMs; the second is to rely on development zones and automobile cities to develop zero Parts industry; the third is to rely on the county to develop the parts industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 1,000 various industrial parks focusing on auto parts in China, of which about 100 are key cluster areas or zones. When industrial clusters are beginning to take shape and the enthusiasm for construction in various places continues, the voice of guarding against the phenomenon of "clustering but not clustering" is gradually increasing. Experts appeal that the quality of the industrial cluster will directly affect the speed of my country's auto parts industry upgrading. The auto parts industry cluster is by no means a simple accumulation of enterprises, but a system cluster.集装箱锁具 集装箱六分锁具
    Improvement of innovation ability
    In recent years, a number of innovative parts and components enterprises in China have risen rapidly, deeply cultivated specialized market segments, and mastered the core competitiveness of advanced products through continuous innovation. According to statistics, there are currently 7 national-level high-tech enterprises and nearly 100 provincial-level high-tech enterprises in China's auto parts industry. The improvement of innovation ability, especially the improvement of the innovation ability of key components, enables the self-owned brand auto parts to have a new market position.
    The engine is the "heart" of an automobile. Domestic auto manufacturers Chery, Brilliance and SAIC have successively launched engines with independent intellectual property rights in the past two years. As a professional engine manufacturer, Guangxi Yuchai has the ability to independently develop products that are in sync with the international advanced level, and has a strategic commanding height to compete in domestic and foreign markets.
    Overseas mergers and acquisitions usher in good opportunities
    The continued downturn in the global auto market means that there will be more good opportunities for China's auto parts industry to go global.
    If the ongoing overseas acquisitions of parts and components are included, there were more than 10 overseas acquisitions of local parts companies in the second half of 2009. The global financial crisis gave local parts and components companies the best opportunity for leapfrog development. , but it is generally not beneficial to Chinese auto parts companies. It is best for local parts manufacturers to take precautions and take advantage of the best opportunity to acquire high-quality overseas assets or technologies, so as to make themselves grow faster and prepare for the great integration in the future.
    Accelerated pace of mergers and acquisitions
    At present, most domestic parts companies have low sales. Compared with multinational giants with sales of up to 10 billion US dollars, the scale of my country's parts companies is obviously small. At present, China's auto parts industry is more fragmented than the whole vehicle industry. There are more than 5,000 parts manufacturers, and the survival situation of independent parts companies is worrying.
    According to statistics, the market share of the top 100 enterprises in the domestic parts industry only accounts for 50% of the entire industry, which is far lower than the concentration of other countries (regions). Although the overall revenue of the parts industry in 2008 reached 837 billion yuan, 80% of the enterprises above designated size have sales revenue of less than 100 million yuan. Only 43% of the parts and components companies in the industry have patents, and less than 20% of them have invention patents. In this context, if the parts industry wants to develop rapidly, mergers and acquisitions must be accelerated to form economies of scale.
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