What is the use of the lock corner pieces in the container accessories

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What is the use of the lock corner pieces in the container accessories
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Although the size of the corner fittings at each corner of the container is insignificant compared with the huge box, its function in practical application cannot be ignored, and it can be said to be the essence of container accessories. Some people even say that the essence of the container itself lies in the corner pieces of the container, without it, the container will be difficult to operate; and the essence of the corner piece lies in the openings on it, without it, it is difficult to safely handle the container.集装箱锁具 保鲜箱锁具
    The concept of corner fittings is indeed ingenious and practical, and plays a key role in the lifting, handling, fixing, stacking and securing of containers. Generally speaking, any force that the box is subjected to is almost all transmitted through the corner pieces. As the outermost edge of the box, the container corners also play a role in protecting the entire box. Once the container corners are damaged or broken, I am afraid that the container will have no "use". In the ISO1161 standard, its structural dimensions and positioning dimensions are also strictly specified, so as to provide necessary conditions for the realization of container automation.
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