Talking about the method of preventing rust and corrosion of container locks

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Talking about the method of preventing rust and corrosion of container locks
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Container lock accessories are the units that make up the whole container lock and the products of the container lock. There are various types of container lock accessories. Container locks can be divided into small, large and high, and super high-grade. Among them, 20GP, 40GP and 40HQ are more common. In recent years, container lock accessories are also developing rapidly. After understanding some simple concepts of container lock accessories, we should also pay attention to some anti-corrosion knowledge of container locks, so that it is necessary for us to use container locks for a longer time. Before talking about the anti-corrosion of container locks, come first Learn about several concepts and figures. The metal corrosion process usually proceeds through two paths: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion.
Chemical corrosion: Corrosion caused by the direct chemical reaction between the metal surface and the surrounding medium. For example, metal corrosion caused by acid rain and acid fog.
Electrochemical corrosion: Corrosion of metal materials (alloys or impure metals) in contact with electrolyte solution, resulting from electrode reaction. Such as the slow corrosion of iron products in a humid environment. According to statistics, the annual loss of steel due to metal corrosion accounts for about 10% to 20% of the steel output in that year. That is to say, the corrosion rate of steel (on an annual basis) accounts for about 10% to 20% of the entire structure.
For different metal corrosion processes, two common anti-corrosion methods are the blocking of chemical corrosive substances (such as acid rain and acid mist), and the electrochemical maintenance of the target metal (such as combining the more metallic metal with the required The metal to be protected is placed close to the same, so that the metal with strong metallicity replaces the metal that needs to be protected and becomes the cathode of the primary battery, which is mainly oxidized to protect the target metal). Besides, electrochemical corrosion is the main factor in the corrosion process of container locks. Due to its excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, the anti-rust topcoat can play an excellent barrier effect. However, in the transportation process of container locks, it is inevitable that the small area of ​​paint film is damaged due to factors such as scratches, and the corrosion process at the damaged paint film is dominated by electrochemical corrosion, and after the rust spots are formed. The process is a gradually accelerated process. At this moment, the maintenance of the topcoat to the damaged part of the box is basically zero, so the prevention of electrochemical corrosion in the process of anti-corrosion of container locks becomes the top priority.
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