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Replacing the door shaft is actually quite troublesome. First of all, we have to take it off first. When picking the door, we need to shake the door slowly. This is to prevent the previous door shaft from breaking in the door. It is more troublesome. After taking off the door, take out the old door shaft slowly and gently from the door, and then slowly put the new door shaft into the door, and then close the door shaft and the hinge. Together, fit together and install the screws on it.
   Although not many people know about the manufacturer of hinges, it is also an indispensable item in our life. When we use hinges, we will find that many hinges will rust. How did it happen? Let's analyze it.
    The first is the importance of spray painting. If the spray paint is not sprayed well, it will be particularly easy to rust. Without the protection of the paint, coupled with the usual use and wear, the probability of rusting is greatly increased. www.shengyuanqipei.com

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