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From the convenience of use and the adaptability to the door, the mother-child hinge undoubtedly prevails. The big selling point of the door and window hinges and the mother-child hinge is that it is easy to use, because it does not need to be opened compared to the installation of the casement hinge. The slot directly reduces the damage to the door. The door and window hinge manufacturer greatly enhances the beauty of the door. More importantly, some non-solid wood doors (composite materials) or hollow plank doors cannot withstand slotting, doors and windows. The price of the hinge, the reluctance to install the side hinge with the slot, after a period of time, there may be serious quality problems such as the door leaf falling off and the door leaf perforation. However, due to the unique design of the mother hinge, it is possible to directly distinguish the quality of the hinge without slotting. good or bad
       The use of hinges is relatively common, and the sales volume is relatively good. So, how do we distinguish the quality of the door shaft? Let's take a look at it together.
       Make sure that the coating on the hinge surface is smooth and flat, and the spring edges are polished. Lubricant used in the spring lubrication section. High quality is to use a yellow or creamy white lubricant. If you're using a poor quality lubricant, then make sure to open and close more lightly.
        The identification of hinges is relatively simple, and we still have to make certain choices when we choose.
The installation enhances the integrity of the door and greatly enhances the applicability of the hinge to various types of interior doors. www.shengyuanqipei.com
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