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How does the door hinge hinge make reasonable use of space
In daily life, the hinge will play a big role, especially on the door, and on the window, we will use the hinge, it is because of it that we can open and close the door and the window. It has a great effect. If there is no hinge, it will be difficult for them to run smoothly. Truck side hinges are wholesale. Most of the door axles and hinges are placed inside the door and inside the window. Generally, it is difficult to find them, only the door. When the windows and windows are not running smoothly, the side hinges of the truck can be directly sold to find the hinges inside, so the hinges save space and time. From the convenience of use and the adaptability to the door, the mother-child hinge undoubtedly has the upper hand. The big selling point of the mother-child hinge is the ease of use, because it is relative to the installation of the side hinge, and the side hinge of the truck does not need to be used. Slotting directly reduces the damage to the door and greatly enhances the beauty of the door. More importantly, some non-solid wood doors (composite materials) or hollow plank doors cannot withstand grooving at all, and they are reluctantly installed. Open hinge, after a period of time, there may be serious quality problems such as door leaf fall off, door leaf perforation, etc., but the unique design of the mother hinge, which can be installed directly without slotting, enhances the integrity of the door and greatly enhances the hinge. Applicability to various types of interior doors. Cangzhou Woto Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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