Raw materials determine the service life of carriage accessories

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Raw materials determine the service life of carriage accessories
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Car accessories are generally divided into two categories: iron car accessories and stainless steel car accessories. The carriage tape is used as an auxiliary sealing tape for the main carriage.
   The raw materials of iron car accessories are divided into two categories: one is: the material of leftovers. The leftover material is generally some residual material of strip steel, and the material is quite messy, such as Q195, Q235 or ordinary carbon steel leftover material and so on. The relative thickness of the material is different, the thickness of the same plate is also different, the thickness of the product produced is different, even if it is a product, the thickness is different, and the parts of the carriage are prone to cracks or breaks when used, and it will be damaged when it encounters rain. It corrodes the surface layer more quickly, resulting in uneven surface phenomenon; if it is a carriage fitting made of Q235 genuine material, the surface is smooth and the electroplating layer is durable. When used in conjunction with the carriage, the force is balanced, it is not easy to break, and it lasts for a long time.
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