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Selection and installation of hinge hinges
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In our daily life, it is inevitable to deal with hinge hinges. Now there are more and more types of hinge hinges, and many customers are easily confused. This article will explain how to choose hinge hinges and hinge hinge installation. method
The choice of hinge hinge

Selected according to function
When consumers choose to buy hinge hinges, they should estimate the weight and use of components such as doors and windows in advance, and then purchase corresponding products in a targeted manner. For example, general indoor light-weight doors and windows should buy ordinary hinges, heavier doors and windows should use bearing hinges, and wider doors should use T-shaped hinges; for wooden screens that need to be dismantled and cleaned, core-pulling hinges should be used. For furniture door panels, spring hinges are often used, because the spring hinges are attached with adjustment screws, which can adjust the height and thickness of the door panels up and down, left and right, so that various cabinet doors have a corresponding degree of extension. In addition, there are glass hinges, countertops, door hinges and other fancy products to choose from.
When buying, three points are very important to grasp
1. The main materials of the hinge hinge are actinium, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Among them, the use of plastic table pages is very narrow, so the metal texture is the most common for household use. However, the phenomenon of cutting corners of hinge products on the market is common. The most obvious is the thickness, the nominal 3mm is actually only 2.5mm, and some 2.5mm are often less than 1.5mm. The strength of such a product is definitely not guaranteed, and if it is used, it will bring huge security risks to the owner (such as falling windows, falling doors, reduced security of anti-theft doors, etc.). Therefore, when purchasing, you should weigh the weight of similar products of different brands, and the products with heavy and thick quality are better.
2. Seeing that the workmanship has solved the problem of product safety, the next step is the comfort of using the table page products. This point in the purchase, to observe the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, a product with good workmanship has a beautiful appearance and small gap, and it will be more reliable to use. Take the door leaf bearing hinge as an example, the hinge bearing with good workmanship can bring better smoothness, quietness and durability. The products with poor workmanship have no ball bearings and only use cheap small iron rings, so the life of such products is very short.
3. Look at the material. When purchasing the table page, you should choose according to the environment and material characteristics. Steel hinges are easy to rust and should not be used in humid environments. The copper table hinges have corrosion resistance and antibacterial functions and are suitable for use in bathrooms. Aluminum hinges generally have low strength, so they are generally very thick. The stainless steel material is both decorative and functional, and it is the product that many families generally choose. However, many manufacturers often use ordinary steel hinges to pretend to be stainless steel hinges (surface coating), and consumers should pay attention to identification.
Hinge hinge installation common sense
In order for the hinge to be strong and durable, in addition to the good quality of the product itself, reasonable installation is also very necessary. At this point, consumers should know:
Pay attention to accessories screws
In addition to the above points, there is another point that is often overlooked, that is, the mounting screws for the hinge. Generally, branded products will contain special screws, and almost products will not have or are equipped with inferior screws. Taking the stainless steel hinge as an example, the screws of regular products look longer and are also made of shiny stainless steel. For inferior hinges, cheap galvanized iron screws are used. Appearance is short and whitish in color.
Standardized installation
We have found that the problems with many doors and windows do not lie in the hinges or the doors and windows themselves, but are largely caused by unreasonable installation. For example, the skills of the decoration workers are not up to standard, and even deliberately cutting corners will leave hidden dangers for the future use of the owners. Among them, the falling fan is the most common problem. Falling flat refers to the poor installation of doors and windows, which causes the upper gap to gradually increase and the lower gap to gradually decrease, resulting in poor opening and closing, and even falling off in severe cases. The main reason is to choose a hinge that is too small, and because there are no matching screws, or even the screws are not fully screwed or simply replaced with nails.
In addition, the wrong installation location and quantity also account for a large proportion. In theory, the larger the distance between the two hinges, the stronger the bearing capacity. Of course, from a practical point of view, the hinge cannot be installed at the corners of the door and window fan body, so it is best to install it at 1/10 of the door and window fan body.

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