Detailed introduction of heavy-duty vans

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Detailed introduction of heavy-duty vans
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Vans, also known as vans, are mainly used for fully-sealed transport of various items, and special types of vans can also transport chemical dangerous goods. It has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, efficient work, large transportation volume, full use of space, safety and reliability. The van body material can be used: ①iron corrugated, ②colored steel plate, ③aluminum plate, ④aluminum alloy corrugated, ⑤foam insulation van Scope of use of warehouse grid Vans are widely used to transport all kinds of goods. Major factories, supermarkets and individuals are suitable for optional rear hydraulic pallets on the back of vans, which can hold 0.5-5 tons of heavy objects. Brand classification: Dongfeng van, Jiefang van, Isuzu van, JAC van, Jiangling van, Foton van Classified by appearance: single-axle van, double-axle van, flat-head van Type trucks and pointed vans are classified according to their varieties: Xiaobawang vans, Dolly vans, Sanpingchai vans, Dongfeng Kangba vans, 145 vans, 153 vans, 1208 vans , 1230 vans, 1290 vans, semi-trailer vans, classified by use: warehouse grid transporters, vans, the structure of the cargo part is a closed van and is independent from the cab. (Does not include minivans.) Vans are safer and more beautiful than regular vans, and do not wet cargo in the rain.
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