Briefly analyze the relationship between container and transportation

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Briefly analyze the relationship between container and transportation
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The main parties involved in container transportation are: NVOCCs, actual container carriers, container leasing companies, container yards and container freight stations.
1. Non-vessel operators (NON-VESSEL OPERAtiNG COMMON CARRIER: NVOCC): They specialize in the collection, loading and unpacking, inland transportation of containerized freight, and operation of transfer stations or inland stations, and can have actual means of transportation. may not have. For the real cargo owner, he is the carrier, and for the actual carrier, he is the shipper. Usually, the NVOCC should be subject to the laws of the country where it is located and registered with the relevant government departments.
2. ACTUAL CARRIER: A carrier who masters the means of transportation and participates in container transportation. Usually there are a large number of containers to facilitate the turnover, allocation, management of containers and the connection between containers and vehicles.
3. CONTAINER LEASING COMPANY: a new industry specializing in container leasing.
4. Container Yard (CONTAINER YARD: CY): refers to the place where heavy or empty containers are loaded, unloaded, transshipped, kept, and handed over.
5. Container Freight Station (CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION: CFS): It is a place for handling LCL goods. It handles the handover of LCL goods. After stowage and stowage, the boxes are sent to CY, and the imported containers delivered by CY are accepted. , Unpack, tally, store, and finally distribute to each consignee. At the same time, it can also carry out business such as sealing and issuing depot receipts as entrusted by the carrier.

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